Valores sdg14 Vida submarina

Participar con otras personas en la construcción de conocimientos relacionados con la promoción de la biodiversidad subacuática.Reconocer los valores y creencias que subyacen detrás de formas (no)sostenibles de gestionar la biodiversidad subacuática. Identificar valores propios y ajenos y reflejar cómo estos pueden combinarse para reducir el impacto de las actividades humanas en los océanos.

For example:

Photo-language and creative writing method: Learners imagine and then learn about different stakeholder perspectives on marine biodiversity.

  1. A set of pictures representing various aspects of life below water (including human and non-human ones such as fish) are spread on a table. Each learner picks one picture that touches him/her.
  2. Learners explain why they have chosen their picture, and what link they can make with life under water.
  3. Each learner then writes a very short story as if he/she was the aspect represented on the picture attempting to make its perspective regarding life under water explicit (eg. “As a fish, I particularly appreciate in …/As a commercial fisherman I…”).
  4. Each learner adds one sentence regarding what a sustainability issue (e.g. climate change) could mean for them (eg. “As a coral reef I fear not being able to adapt to rising water temperatures”)
  5. The different stories are read aloud in front of the whole group, and different sets of underlying values are made explicit. A discussion is held on which aspects are in favour or not of sustainable management of the common good “life below water”.
  6. The discussion can then be related to texts presenting “real” perspectives on the issue of various stakeholders/scientific knowledge on life below water, including all these aspects.